Is Your Website
Helping or Hurting Your Business?

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Is Your Website
Helping or Hurting Your Business?

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Search Engine Optimized

Secure Website Status

Overall Ranking


Is your web content optimized for Google to understand what your site is about?
Is your web content attracting the right type of visitors?
Does your site display beautifully on a phone screen?
How fast does your site load? This should be under 1 second!
Do other sites link to yours? Does your site link to others?
Once a visitor lands on your site, are they doing what you want them to?
Any software that is connected to your website must be updated constantly.
Does your web address carry the HTTPs tag? (Note: HTTP is not the same as HTTPs!)
Is your site protected against hackers continually guessing passwords?
Is your hosting provider conscious of your security needs?
Are hackers able to see vulnerabilities in your website’s code?
Is your data regularly backed-up?
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