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12 Creative Web Designs to Take Inspiration From

Date: January 11, 2019
By: Andrea Bartolomeo

Web Design can be a practical tool for your business, or a great work of art. Here are 12 designs that shouted creativity!

The layout of your website is directly associated with the success of your business and the amount of time people spend on it. The more creative the web design, the more your company stands out. While there is no one particular layout to follow for all businesses, it is extremely valuable for a business to establish a design that aligns with their core values while being unique. If a company’s core values are environmentally conscious products, they may want to include some natural images and clean design in their layout.

While it’s important to have a functional website, it is also an opportunity for a business to show its creative side. This creativity can help set a company apart from its competitors. Below, in no particular order, are 11 of the most creative web designs to take inspiration from.

#1: Andrew McCarthy

This site is minimalistic and modern with a unique and creative aspect – the centre icon. It transitions from circle to square to triangle, blue to red to yellow, and over again, in a satisfying and delightful pattern. The site has two pages, both in a continuous-scroll style. Andrew McCarthy is a digital designer and developer which is clearly articulated on the site. His location, recent work and availability are presented neatly on the site as well. This is a one-page site which is beneficial when there isn’t a lot of information to communicate.

andrew mccarthy homepage

#2: FiftySeven

The FiftySeven site is one of the few on this list that creatively uses a darker colour scheme but maintains its visually appealing effect. The contrast of white writing against the dark marble pattern that’s in motion gives this web layout a futuristic feel. They are in the field of design and illustration, and by the look of their website they likely offer an edgier style. On the home page, FiftySeven includes links to some web pages they have collaborated on, making this an easy-to-use site with a dark, calming aesthetic.

fiftyseven homepage

#3: Tinker Watches

Tinker Watches does eCommerce the right way. There web layout showcases their watches in a clean and colour-coordinated fashion. A common error with many eCommerce pages is they bombard the viewer with too much information, colour or promotions. Often, this is done to create a sense of urgency with the user to replicate being in a store with a lot of people and loud music. However, Tinker Watches looks to emulate the soothing shopping experience of a well-staffed high-end store. The products are displayed as they would be in a showroom, and their prices modestly presented. The layout indicates this company aims to show the viewer what they came to site for – watches – and eliminate any of the excess noise.

le tinker homepage

#4: RumChata

The RumChata site is one of the most visually pleasing designs on our list. With its burst of tropical colours and large font, this creative one-page website draws the audience in and makes them stick around. Although this site isn’t content- or text-heavy, there are tutorials and recipes that include RumChata, and a brief ingredient list. The colours and soft tropical patterns make this website visually beautiful as well as fun to read.

rum chata homepage

#5: Le Mugs

In one of the most creatively laid-out pages on the list, the restaurant Le Mugs showcases their brand style on the site. They utilize a continuous-scroll style and bright colours, combined with interesting graphics and easy-to-understand information about the company. Although the graphics are bold and loud, the cohesion of the website shows that minimalistic isn’t always the most visually appealing. While it’s easy to cut down on colour, texture and images, Le Mugs shows that a busy-looking web page can still function well and be visually alluring.

le mugs homepage

#6: History of Icons

The History of Icons layout delivers an overload of information the right way. From the 1980s to the 2010s, this page provides information on the history of icons. A continuous-scroll style is used to allow the reader to scroll through the decades or skip to one they’re interested in. The interesting aspects of this website include the colour scheme, the retroactive style and the contrast of images. The information is easy to read as its condensed, concise, and combined with images and icons that help tell the story.

history of icons homepage

#7: Signes Du Quotidien

The graphic design company Signes Du Quotidien uses a web layout that really complements the company and their objectives. While the site uses a very simple and minimalistic approach, the graphics are some of the most creatively unique on the list. The home page of the site boasts a very idiosyncratic drag-and-drop menu, which is both cheerful and visually uncomplicated. This company’s projects, details and contact information are clearly outlined which makes this site beautiful and functional.

signes du quotidien

#8: Cyclemon

This site’s layout is so entertaining, we found ourselves scrolling through it over and over. Similar to the Andrew McCarthy site, Cyclemon features a single bicycle image that changes as you scroll. Cyclemon is yet a design company, and they use creative images and colours to encapsulate their brand in their site. They also include a “Shop” section which makes this a functional eCommerce site, as well as a “Know More” section for information regarding what the company does and how to contact the associates.

cyclemon bicycle homepage

#9: The Cool Club

The Cool Club sells decks of cards and posters featuring unique yet simple cartoon-style artwork. At a relatively low price-point, The Cool Club allows customers to purchase anything reflective of their personal style with their variety of options, from people to cars to animals. This is all outlined and imaged in a minimalistic fashion with bright, cheerful colours. There are also neat graphics such as a packaged deck of cards that spits out a card every time you click your mouse.

the cool club homepage 1160x706 1

#10: Seriously Unsweetened

This clean web design showcases the Seriously Unsweetened line of beverages in a extraordinarily clean and minimalistic fashion. This layout is easy to use and understand, but the use of clean black lines and bright colours present the information as visually appealing. This is a multi-page website and each page carries the tone of the last, which allows this layout to be cheerfully consistent.

Seriously unsweetened webpage

#11: Guillaume Bouvet

A stunningly simple online portfolio for Guillaume Bouvet encapsulates the basic principle he follows when creating minimalist, functional, and ergonomic furniture: form follows function. He keeps very clean, and neutral colour palate with splashes of green, red and yellow coming from the most important asset on his website: pictures of the work he’s done. The flow of the front page allows people to access most of his portfolio without having to click anything or scroll down.

Guillaume Bouvet homepage

#12: The Boat – Nam Le

The website is an interactive comic rendition of the critically acclaimed short story, written by Nam Le, which follows the story of Mai, a 16 year old who is sent on a boat to escape war-torn Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon. As beautiful as it is emotional, it uses strategically placed audio cues, text, and brushstrokes to tell an important story in a new and moving way.

the boat nam le

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