From Inception to Reality:

The Bluedot Initiative

February 28, 2019
By: Shaun Pingitore


Starting a business is hard. Even with money, resources, advisors & mentors it can still be quite the challenge. My name is Shaun, and in this article, I want to tell you a bit about myself & why our team at Bluedot Tech is launching the Bluedot Initiative.


Growing up, my dad owned his own accounting practice, my uncle his own landscaping business, & my sister was graduating from Osgoode Law School. As I got older, I had an opportunity to work at two private golf clubs in Toronto, where I got to know everyone from lawyers & doctors to entrepreneurs & athletes.


All throughout my life, with any question I had or problem I faced, I always had someone to turn to for quality insight. Those who know me know that I always say I’m lucky I’ve avoided making a lot of my own mistakes, thanks to the guidance of those around me.


While I didn’t realize it at the time, when I look back I notice I’ve had quite a few entrepreneurial “hobbies”. Lemonade stands turned into shoveling snow door-to-door, which turned into spending Saturdays at garage sales with my brother-in-law & his parents, looking for opportunities to make money (Video games being the most lucrative, of course!). One of my proudest entrepreneurial achievements was figuring out how to turn $0.25 vinyl records from garage sales into $25 decorative bowls—talk about margins!!


When I started my window cleaning business, I gained acceptance to a program run by Ryerson University (among other providers) called Summer Company. In this program, students are given a grant as well as a mentor & training to help start a business of their choosing over the course of a summer. Through this program, I met several incredible influences and learned more in 3 months than I have in any classroom in my life.


The one skill I possess that I’ve been aware of from as far back as I can remember, is my ability to connect with people; to understand what they’re thinking and feeling, and more importantly—why they are. While I’m far from a Marketing wizard, I realized I could combine this skill with the lessons I learned from work to help other young entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Thus, spawned the idea of Atlas Influence—A consultancy business for students & new entrepreneurs offering help with everything from establishing your target market, to what to do and say to close a deal or build a relationship.


My idea was to create partnerships with various resources, namely web designers, graphic designers, social media marketers and print shops. With all the pieces in place, I would be able to advise new business owners as to what they needed, and then have the tools to help them execute.


I knew my childhood friends Ian & Daniel both worked at a web design firm called Bluedot Tech. Great! They do quality work, and I’m friends with them—a perfect place to start building my resource pool! So, I reached out and a few days later had a meeting with their Director of Technology, Michael. After a few meetings, we realized we all have the same goals—to build a sustainable business while helping others do the same.


When they offered to have me join their team, I was hesitant. I thought I wanted to start my own business, but I realized what I really wanted was to build a business, and to help others build their businesses as well. So, after about 3 weeks of consideration, I decided to accept the title of Account Manager.


While my day is anything but routine, I find myself once again surrounded by people much older and wiser than myself, guiding me along the way. I’d love to say that hard work alone has gotten me to where I am, but the people & support around me have been the biggest contributors to my success.


While my teammates each have their own examples of entrepreneurial struggles & accomplishments they’ve had in their lives, we all agree that having support around you is the most important thing to success. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce the Bluedot Initiative. As a means of paying tribute to all those who have helped us in our journey, we’re giving back and doing everything we can to pay it forward & help other entrepreneurs in their journey.


With prizes and giveaways along the way, our grand prize includes a Business Pro Web Design Package, along with 1 year of our Web Care Platinum Service. This package includes everything you need to get your business operating online, and the Platinum service ensures that you will never have to touch or worry about your website. This ensures that you can do what you do best—running your business!


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this article. I’d like to ask you kindly to please share this story and more importantly the contest with anyone you think may benefit!


Please click here to access the contest page.

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