5 Free Tools to Market Your Business on Your Phone

Date: March 2, 2020
By: Shaun Pingitore

There are many great, free tools you can use to do everything from graphic design & photo editing, to making videos. What’s more, most of this can be done with little to no experience, all from the comfort of your smartphone.

If budget is an issue, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of creativity and elbow grease to have professional looking graphics & videos for your business. You can use this content for social media posts, print materials, or on your website. Below we’re going to list some of our favourite free tools you can use to create all kinds of marketing materials for your business–right from your phone!

To use these tools, you won’t need any skill or experience. Many of them offer templates or very user friendly tutorials. If you really want to create stunning graphics without any experience, try Googling some professional templates and recreating them with your branding & messaging.

In a future video, we’re going to teach you some simple tricks to take stunning photos and videos with your smartphone. Often times, this is all you need to get the job done! Join our mailing list, or follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss this, and many other great tutorials!

Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop Express

Similar to the desktop version, this free IOS app gives you an immense amount of filters, and easy control over every aspect of your photos.

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GIF Maker

This one actually wasn’t on the original list. I found this app while trying to create the above photo, & it sure is a handy one! This app allows you to easily convert your videos into animated GIFs. These are the photos that move, often used to comedic effect on the internet.

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Alternatively, you can use websites like Giphy.

Graphic Design

Adobe Spark & Canva

These apps essentially both do the same thing. Personally I prefer Adobe Spark, however both will work. These apps allow you to easily create stunning graphics, and even come with plenty of templates to help you out.

Use these tools to create everything from social media posts, to flyers & other marketing materials. Both of these apps can be used on a smartphone or a desktop, right inside of your browser. See below for a post I made using Adobe Spark that I’m particularly happy with.

Click Here for Adobe Spark

Click Here for Canva

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Rush & iMovie

Again, both of these apps essentially do the same thing, however I’m impartial to Adobe Premiere Rush. These apps allow you to easily edit & combine video clips, even allowing you to add your own music & titles over-top. These apps don’t have stock music, however the Bonus Tool at the end of this list does!

Click Here for Adobe Premiere Rush

Click Here for iMovie


This app makes creating advertisement videos super simple! It comes pre-loaded with many free templates, and a variety of paid templates as well. My favourite part about this app is that it has plenty of stock music to choose from, giving your videos a nice added touch.

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Bonus Tools

Splice Video Editor

Splice is another video editing app, similar to Adobe Premiere Rush & iMovie. The one thing that sets this one apart is the breadth of stock music you can add to your videos.

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In Conclusion

Many of these apps only offer Apple IOS support, however if you do a little bit of searching there are plenty of apps available on all phones that make creating marketing materials for your business a cinch! If you need help finding a tool that’s right for you, or if you need help using the above tools–don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re happy to help!

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